Music defies all boundaries and so does talent…

A homemaker, a working professional, a daily wage earner... you could be anyone. You could belong to any region, religion, gender, language or community. At StarManch, you get the right platform to showcase your singing talent. You are given a chance to excel in every way possible!

  • Online Masterclass

    Get Masterclass in vocal singing by the reputed singers themselves

  • Artist certification

    Earn certification through assessments by Industry stalwarts

  • Video Party rooms

    Join the party room of your choice for some light fun and jamming sessions

  • Celebrity Jams

    A chance to sing along with your favourite celebrities and garner memories for a lifetime

  • Live Contests

    Your talent is judged by the real judges through live contests

  • Diverse Genres

    Retro, Bollywood or devotional, find your niche with 50,000+ songs from all genres

  • Super HD tracks

    Its a Karaoke experience like never before, with HD tracks, clear lyrics and a gamut of features

  • Grade Up

    Earn through your talent and dedication, grade-up and earn through app currency